This page is dedicated to the work of the Kalamazoo Billboards Stakeholders Committee, which has the following charge:

“To discuss major issues related to the size, brightness, sequencing, and location for large, off-premises signs; to become educated on relevant Michigan precedent related to billboard regulation; to investigate appropriate studies and literature and to listen to expert testimony related to property values and traffic safety as it relates to illuminated off-premises signs; to understand illumination and regulations related to illumination; to come to consensus on city staff-generated language related the above topics and to recommend appropriate ordinance changes to the Planning Commission, and ultimately the City Commission for adoption.”

  1. Cynthia standish

    I feel they are a traffic hazard, to much of a distraction, if they are only staying on one mode and not changing to different ads I guess they are not so bad. I would not one near my house because of the brightness

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