Hello all!

We’ve started working on some of the distance separations mapping that we talked about at the last meeting.  

For reference, here is a map showing all of the state controlled roads within the city limits (in dark blue) with most of the billboards pinpointed to actual location.  There are a few missing, due to technical glitches, but it does give you a sense of where billboards are located.

Map-Existing Locations

These next set of maps show what a distance buffer would look like.  We have restricted the area where digital conversion would be allowed based on a distance separation from residentiall zoned parcels, at 100, 300, 500, and 700 feet, as options.  These were just arbitrary numbers to show a range of options.  There is certainly an option to use other numbers, but this can get us started.

Map-100 foot buffer

Map-300 foot buffer

Map-500 foot buffer

Map-700 foot buffer

We are still working on the linear restriction, as that one has to be hand drawn.  It should be up by the end of the week, along with the initial draft of the ordinance based on the direction staff received at the last stakeholder committee meeting.  As a reminder, we will be meeting Monday, May 6th from 12-2 here at the Stockbridge Office.


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