Documents for Monday’s Meeting– Illumination

Attached to this post is information to review ahead of Monday’s meeting.  The first three documents are from the guest speaker, Michael Woznicki.  Michael was recommended by industry folks, though he does not work for Adams or anyone in Kalamazoo directly, and was used by other municipalities in understanding how the industry measures illumination.  Here is his description of the information from Michael:

“I’ve attached a couple of documents that give examples of typical light levels for different areas, as well as the Illumination Engineering Society’s standard for acceptable light trespass in an urban setting. I’ve also included a study I did last year that depicts the addition of illuminance from a proposed billboard onto both the expressway and adjacent residential area, relative to existing roadway lighting.

Basically these documents will help give a framework of the type of lighting levels we’re looking at.”

Here are the documents:


AssocChart ofMinStandardsLetterhead


And I spoke with some board members from Scenic Michigan to get a point-counterpoint idea about illumination as it relates to the surrounding environment, and they passed along this study:

Digital Billboard Illumination Study

And finally, Kevin Green from Adams asked that this information be passed along:


Photometric units

Please let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


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