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One last follow up before Monday’s meeting

Kevin Green from Adams asked that I pass along this information related to ambient light.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday!


Brightness – Digtal Signs vs Other Illuminations



As promised, here is a map showing the billboard locations, with zoning.  We are having some technical difficulties (and by technical difficulties, let us be clear that we mean that our resident mapmaker, Andrea, does not know how to do what she’s trying to do), and this isn’t as illustrative as it could be.  Ideally, there would be a pinpoint where each billboard is, but instead the entire parcel is highlighted, which can distort the scaling of the billboard.  We will have a better, more accurate map in the near future, but this should get everyone started.  Thanks for the patience!


Billboard Locations

Documents for Monday’s Meeting– Illumination

Attached to this post is information to review ahead of Monday’s meeting.  The first three documents are from the guest speaker, Michael Woznicki.  Michael was recommended by industry folks, though he does not work for Adams or anyone in Kalamazoo directly, and was used by other municipalities in understanding how the industry measures illumination.  Here is his description of the information from Michael:

“I’ve attached a couple of documents that give examples of typical light levels for different areas, as well as the Illumination Engineering Society’s standard for acceptable light trespass in an urban setting. I’ve also included a study I did last year that depicts the addition of illuminance from a proposed billboard onto both the expressway and adjacent residential area, relative to existing roadway lighting.

Basically these documents will help give a framework of the type of lighting levels we’re looking at.”

Here are the documents:


AssocChart ofMinStandardsLetterhead


And I spoke with some board members from Scenic Michigan to get a point-counterpoint idea about illumination as it relates to the surrounding environment, and they passed along this study:

Digital Billboard Illumination Study

And finally, Kevin Green from Adams asked that this information be passed along:


Photometric units

Please let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Agenda for the 4-8-2013 Meeting

Here is the agenda for Monday’s meeting. I will be putting up information on lighting in a separate post shortly.

Kalamazoo Billboards Stakeholder Committee
April 8, 2013
3:30 PM



I. Welcome and Brief Recap (5 minutes: Andrea)

II. Illumination (40 minutes: Michael Woznicki, Engineer, Lumecon)

III. Other illumination documents (20 minutes: All, please see website)

IV. Discussion and Next Steps (25 minutes: All)

V. Adjournment


For reference, here is a bio for our guest speaker:

Michael Woznicki is a Project Engineer at Lumecon LLC, and performs their photometric analyses. He has completed multiple training programs in AGi32 photometric software and participated in a wide variety of LED projects which required scope clarification, and field-specific solutions. Michael is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the School of Natural Resources & Environment, and has been with Lumecon LLC for the past four years.”


Follow Up From Last Meeting

There are a couple of loose ends from the March 25th meeting to address.  The first is a request for the Philadelphia study which talks about traffic safety that Brian Peterson referenced.

Philadelphia Study (provided by Brian Peterson)

The second is the full text of the AASHTO ( American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) guide to digital advertising:

AASHTO Digital Outdoor Advertising (provided by Jim Hoekstra)

And finally, there was discussion about the Highway Beautification Act.  It was very difficult to find a discrete PDF of the act itself, but I found this site very helpful, with a lot of great links:  Federal Highway Administration Overview of the HBA

Additionally, here is a PDF of the agreement between the federal government and Michigan, related to enforcement of the HBA:

1965 Agreement HBA

We will update this site tomorrow with an agenda for the meeting on Monday, April 8th with information about illumination.