Traffic Safety Information for Monday

Monday, March 25th at 3:30, the Stakeholder Committee is going to be meeting to discuss Traffic Safety and Property Values, as it relates to Digital Billboards.  Aaron Powers, our contract City Assessor, will be discussing Property Values.  We have not received any information ahead of time related to property values, but if we receive documents at the meeting, we will add them to this website after the fact.  The agenda for the meeting will be going up in a separate post.

In advance of our Monday meeting, here is some information related to Traffic Safety.  Additionally, our Traffic Engineer, Jim Hoekstra, will be speaking to us.

FHWA Literature Review  (This item was supplied by Greg Milliken)

DigitalSignsStudies213 (This item was created by city of Kalamazoo Planning staff)

FHWA Internal Memo ‘below safety concerns’ (This item was supplied by Kevin Green)

FHWA study summary of conclusions March 2012 (This item was supplied by Kevin Green)

As a side note, there are several items here that were added at the request of a Stakeholder Committee member.  We are always happy to share information from other sources, but will always note where that information comes from.


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