Who We Are

The following is to help get you acquainted with who we are and the rules we want to play by…

Charge of the Moratorium

“…that the City Planning Commission, along with City Planners and City officials, shall forthwith proceed to study off-premises advertising signs greater than 200 square feet that utilize internally illuminated digital computer controlled electronic displays and recommend changes to the City Zoning Ordinance addressing size, brightness, sequencing of changing copy and where such off-premises signs might be located.”

Charge of the Stakeholder Committee

To discuss major issues related to the size, brightness, sequencing, and location for large, off-premises signs; to become educated on relevant Michigan precedent related to billboard regulation; to investigate appropriate studies and literature and to listen to expert testimony related to property values and traffic safety as it relates to illuminated off-premises signs; to understand illumination and regulations related to illumination; to come to consensus on city staff-generated language related the above topics and to recommend appropriate ordinance changes to the Planning Commission, and ultimately the City Commission for adoption.

Rules of the Stakeholder Committee

  1. The Committee will operate on a consensus model.  For the purposes of this group, consensus is defined as the absence of concerns that are so important or insurmountable that any individual committee member is unable to move forward.  In the absence of consensus, a vote will be taken, with dissenting members noted.
  2. General summaries will be created for each meeting.  These will be for reference only, and will not be transcriptions of every word or discussion, but instead a record of the decisions made by consensus, and the topics of conversation.  These meetings are not subject to the Open Meetings Act.
  3. The Committee will be limited in size and scope, in order to maintain its effectiveness in completing an important task in a short time frame.  There will be an attempt to have representatives of all major stakeholders at the table.  With the understanding that this topic is one of great importance to the community, there will other avenues for public input as well (see: Additional Public Input Opportunities)
  4. The Committee will stay within the confines of its charge, both by topic and scope.  If we are to complete our work in a timely fashion, it is important that we stay on topic and focused.
  5. Civility is critical.  It is perfectly acceptable to disagree, but it is not acceptable to attack one another.  We all care a great deal about our community.  Think “Michigan Nice”.
  6. This Stakeholder Committee is doing good work for Kalamazoo.  We may not all agree with the outcome.  All members of the community may not agree with what we recommend.  But we all are doing our best for our town.

Stakeholder Committee



Clyde Robinson City Attorney’s Office
Bob Cinabro City Commission
Nick Boyd Zoning Board of Appeals
Mark Fricke Planning Commission
Kevin Green Adams Outdoor Advertising
Lynne Jarman-Johnson Consumers Credit Union
Brian Peterson Westnedge Hill
Natalie Patchell Westnedge Hill
Brian Persky Downtown Kalamazoo, Inc.
Greg Milliken Planner
Mark Hoffman Oakland/Winchell
Tammy Taylor Kalamazoo Neighborhoods Coalition

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City Planner for the City of Kalamazoo

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