What We Do and When We’re Going To Do It

A reminder… what we are charged with accomplishing:

“To discuss major issues related to the size, brightness, sequencing, and location for large, off-premises signs; to become educated on relevant Michigan precedent related to billboard regulation; to investigate appropriate studies and literature and to listen to expert testimony related to property values and traffic safety as it relates to illuminated off-premises signs; to understand illumination and regulations related to illumination; to come to consensus on city staff-generated language related the above topics and to recommend appropriate ordinance changes to the Planning Commission, and ultimately the City Commission for adoption.”

Here is the schedule we are aiming for, in terms of our work… as you can see, it is a very aggressive schedule.  Though six months can seem like a long time, it actually requires us to be diligent and to constantly move forward.

Proposed Schedule

January 22nd, 2013—Beginning of 6 month moratorium

February 2013—Creation of public participation plan, staff research, creation of stakeholder committee

March 4, 2013—First meeting of Stakeholder Committee

Topic: Discussion of Process, Syllabus, Topics of Conversation, Role of Stakeholder Committee

March 11, 2013—Stakeholder Committee Meeting

Topic: Relevant Michigan-Based Precedent; Guest Speaker Clyde Robinson (City Attorney)

March 19, 2013—Optional Stakeholder Committee Training by Scenic Michigan in Troy, MI related to Sign Regulation and Legal Precedent

March 25, 2013—Stakeholder Committee Meeting

Topic: Traffic Safety, Property Values; Guest Speakers Jim Hoekstra (Traffic Engineer), Aaron Powers (Assessor)

April 8, 2013—Stakeholder Committee Meeting

Topics: Lighting Standards; Guest Speaker TBD

April 22, 2013—Stakeholder Committee Meeting

Topic: Initial Proposal Language

May 6, 2013—Stakeholder Committee Meeting

Topic: Consensus for Proposal Language

Late May 2013—Tentative Stakeholder Committee Meeting, if needed

Topic: Consensus for Proposal Language, continued

June 6th, 2013—Public hearing on proposed ordinance changes at Planning Commission

July 1st, 2013—First reading of proposed ordinance changes at City Commission

July 15th, 2013—Final adoption of proposed ordinance changes at City Commission

July 22nd, 2013—End of Moratorium


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City Planner for the City of Kalamazoo

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