So, you want to get involved?

We have received many, many volunteers to be part of the Stakeholder Committee to look at digital billboards.  The city would like to thank everyone in the community for their passion.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of interest on this subject, and we have tried to create a committee that is both 1) representative of various interests; and 2) of a manageable size to be able to be effective.  To that end, we have asked 12 people, representing neighborhoods, business interests, officials, and policy experts.  Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room for everyone who is interested to be on this board…

However, don’t despair!  The stakeholder committee will not be the only avenue for public input.  We are planning on soliciting input in the following ways, as well. 

  1. There will be two official public hearings: one before the Planning Commission and one before the City Commission, where public comment will be taken and noted by the Commissioners;
  2. Staff of the city of Kalamazoo (specifically the Planning Office) will make themselves available to the public via phone (269.337.8044), Facebook (Plan Kalamazoo), Twitter (@AndreaKzoo), email (, letter, or in person (415 Stockbridge Ave) to hear comment;
  3. Staff has created a website (  We will be uploading all of the documents and studies that the stakeholder committee reviews, as well as notes from the meetings.  There will be opportunity for comments on the site.  
  4. Staff will be happy to come to meetings and update folks on the process as we get going.  The bulk of our work will happen from March-May.



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