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Agenda for 3-25-13 Meeting

We are planning on our next Stakeholder Committee meeting on Monday, March 25th at 3:30 PM.  The meeting is going to be dedicated to discussions of traffic safety and propetry values.  Here is the agenda:


Kalamazoo Billboards Stakeholder Committee

March 25, 2013

3:30 PM


  1. Welcome and Brief Recap (5 minutes: Andrea)

2. Property Values (20 minutes: Aaron Powers, Kalamazoo City Assessor)

3. Traffic Safety (20 minutes: Jim Hoekstra, Kalamazoo City Traffic Engineer)

4. Discussion (30 minutes: All)

5. Sign Regulation Workshop (10 minutes: Kevin, Natalie)

6. Next Meeting/Process Check In (5 minutes: All)

7. Adjournment


For reference, here is a link to the agenda in document form:  Committee Agenda 3-25-13



Traffic Safety Information for Monday

Monday, March 25th at 3:30, the Stakeholder Committee is going to be meeting to discuss Traffic Safety and Property Values, as it relates to Digital Billboards.  Aaron Powers, our contract City Assessor, will be discussing Property Values.  We have not received any information ahead of time related to property values, but if we receive documents at the meeting, we will add them to this website after the fact.  The agenda for the meeting will be going up in a separate post.

In advance of our Monday meeting, here is some information related to Traffic Safety.  Additionally, our Traffic Engineer, Jim Hoekstra, will be speaking to us.

FHWA Literature Review  (This item was supplied by Greg Milliken)

DigitalSignsStudies213 (This item was created by city of Kalamazoo Planning staff)

FHWA Internal Memo ‘below safety concerns’ (This item was supplied by Kevin Green)

FHWA study summary of conclusions March 2012 (This item was supplied by Kevin Green)

As a side note, there are several items here that were added at the request of a Stakeholder Committee member.  We are always happy to share information from other sources, but will always note where that information comes from.

Examples of Michigan Ordinances

Here are some examples of ordinances from around Michigan.  More to follow…

Examples of Ordinances

Oshtemo Twp Ordinance

Existing Conditions

For Monday’s meeting, an inventory of existing billboards within the city of Kalamazoo, as well as information about existing regulations.

Current Regulations

Sign Count

Monday, March 11 Meeting Agenda

Here it is.  You can see some of the information we will be discussing in posts today, and in the future.  They will all show up with the “Reports and Studies”  category, and can be searched specifically by clicking on the “Reports and Studies” link to the right of these posts.

Kalamazoo Billboards Stakeholder Committee

March 11, 2013

3:30 PM


  1. Welcome (5 minutes)
  1. Current Conditions (10 minutes: Andrea)
  1. Kalamazoo’s Existing Ordinance (5 minutes: Andrea)
  1. Local Jurisdictions and Regulation (10 minutes: Andrea)
  1. Legal Precedent (30 minutes: Clyde)
  1. Discussion (30 minutes: All)
  1. Adjournment


New Media

The Kalamazoo Gazette tweeted an article about this website and our process.  We retweeted the article,  posted it on the Plan Kalamazoo Facebook page, and are now linking it here.  It’s a new media tornado!

Website Article

Legal Review

On Monday, we are going to be discussing relevant case law with our City Attorney, Clyde Robinson.  He has created an initial overview of court cases and precedent that we will be going over, as well as current legal cases in Michigan, 2010-2012.  They are attached here so that people can take a look ahead of time.



First Meeting Agenda

Our first meeting of the Stakeholder Committee was held on March 4, 2013.  Here was the agenda.

Kalamazoo Billboards Stakeholder Committee

Introductory Meeting

March 4, 2013

3:30 PM


  1. Welcome and Introductions (15 minutes)

2.  Background (10 minutes)

3. Overview of Mission and Scope of Committee (10 minutes)

4. Syllabus (10 minutes)

5. Questions and Concerns (10 minutes)

6. Next Meeting (5 minutes)

7. Adjournment

During the meeting, we decided to make the meetings open to the public, though for both the comfort of the committee and the need to keep moving forward, there won’t be a place for public comment (during the meeting… see the post “So You Want To Get Involved” for more options for adding your two cents).  The meetings are at the City of Kalamazoo’s Stockbridge Facility at 415 Stockbridge Avenue, the second and fourth Mondays of the month from 3:30-5:00.  It would be really useful, if you are planning on attending, if you could send an email to  We want to make sure we have room!

Did you know we did a live chat on this subject?

Want some background?  Here is a live chat that city staff did with, regarding digital billboards and the (at the time) proposed moratorium:

Billboards Live Chat

So, you want to get involved?

We have received many, many volunteers to be part of the Stakeholder Committee to look at digital billboards.  The city would like to thank everyone in the community for their passion.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of interest on this subject, and we have tried to create a committee that is both 1) representative of various interests; and 2) of a manageable size to be able to be effective.  To that end, we have asked 12 people, representing neighborhoods, business interests, officials, and policy experts.  Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room for everyone who is interested to be on this board…

However, don’t despair!  The stakeholder committee will not be the only avenue for public input.  We are planning on soliciting input in the following ways, as well. 

  1. There will be two official public hearings: one before the Planning Commission and one before the City Commission, where public comment will be taken and noted by the Commissioners;
  2. Staff of the city of Kalamazoo (specifically the Planning Office) will make themselves available to the public via phone (269.337.8044), Facebook (Plan Kalamazoo), Twitter (@AndreaKzoo), email (, letter, or in person (415 Stockbridge Ave) to hear comment;
  3. Staff has created a website (  We will be uploading all of the documents and studies that the stakeholder committee reviews, as well as notes from the meetings.  There will be opportunity for comments on the site.  
  4. Staff will be happy to come to meetings and update folks on the process as we get going.  The bulk of our work will happen from March-May.